About Us

A Brief Overview

The company was founded by Dr. Ronald Riegel, Patricia Robertson, and Joseph Elias. The initial focus was to find a manufacturer in ICI (Infrared Cameras Inc.; Beaumont TX) to design, develop a Veterinary Specific IR system that can be used on all species.

The company consists of veterinarians, including an advisory board of experts, professional representatives, familiar with infrared thermography, support staff, and a staffed customer
care center.

Serviced and backed by our partnership with ICI we are committed to providing you the most technological advanced IR system available to the veterinary medical field while continually supporting your daily utilization needs.

Our goal is to make Digital Thermal Imaging the standard of care. Similar to the current use of your stethoscope.



This scientific evidence based technology is now available to veterinarians in an easy to use format providing accurate, repeatable and quantifiable results.

IR Thermal Imaging is not new to veterinary medicine yet this proven technology and software allow it to now be utilized as an essential tool in daily practice.

The technology providing this high quality image is now affordable and easy to use from the first day of purchase.


Purchase Now?

When looking at what patients benefit from a physiological digital thermal imaging exam, the question arises, “if purchased, why wouldn’t you use it on a patient that cannot communicate any of their symptoms?”

At $20-$30 small animal and $50-$100 equine est. initial physiological exam fee, this service can be added to the majority of the clients that walk through your door on a daily basis. Clients will readily visualize and understand the value of this technology. An early discovery of a disorder is vastly improving your patient care.

Uncover and discover your patients physiologically and provide the best care possible.