The more information you can get about your patients, the easier a diagnosis will be.  With digital technology, thermal imaging can now be a simple, non-invasive addition to your examinations, giving you clues that help you learn more about patients that can’t speak.

Thermal images are a visual representation of the surface body temperatures of a patient and give physiological information about what is going on below the surface.  Increased temperatures (hyperthermia) may indicate inflammation, infection, or malignancy.  Decreased temperatures (hypothermia) may indicate atrophy or neurological dysfunction.  Thermal images help form a road map for additional diagnostics and therapy.

Caption – Thermal image of a FS, 7-year-old American Staffordshire Mix, FS, presenting with soreness in the right shoulder. The image shows thermal asymmetry between the shoulders. The right side had an average temperature of 93.6o F compared to a similar zone over the left shoulder that had an average temperature of 91.8o F.

Caption – Lateral thermal images of the same patient showing hyperthermia over the right shoulder as compared to the left.

Digatherm’s IR digital thermal cameras are integrated with a tablet PC for easy image capture, storage, and sharing. On-board veterinary-specific software allows easy analysis and reporting of results.

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**Thermal images courtesy of Dr. Beth Innis, Sleepy Dog Veterinary, Arlington, MA**