Digatherm Tablet

The NEW Digatherm IR Tablet was developed for superior image accuracy and viewing ease

The large HD viewing screen makes the patient picture easy to understand and excellent to show a client. With the automatic software updates allows your camera to stay current as any updates are released. Your investment will be picture perfect.

Benefits Include:

  • •  A 1 step camera that allows instant download to surface tablet PC for the easiest way to store, email and view images.
  • •  Accuracy of +/- 1 degree Celsius
  • •  Largest HD viewing screen allows improved interpretation and client visual
  • •  Automatic software updates via wifi connection
  • •  Analysis software that simultaneously takes real time and thermal image

IR Tablet 640

The IR Tablet 640 is designed for the highest resolution to see clearer. With 327,680 points of temperature allows for most reference of patient symmetry. See clearly what your patient needs to tell you.

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IR Tablet 320

The IR Tablet 320 is designed for a quick visual to locate patient pain. With 76,800 points of temperature allows for a quality image. High thermal sensitivity allows for accurate readings with all patients.

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DTI Cloud

Cloud Based Storage and Access

  • •  Agentless Backup (automatic – set it and forget it)
  • •  Fast Backup & Restore
  • •  Auto notification of success or failure of backup operations
  • •  End to End 256bit Encryption
  • •  HIPPA Compliant Solution
  • •  Data stored in redundant Tier-IV data centers
  • •  DICOM capability
  • •  File Versioning (up to seven versions)
  • •  Tele-medicine with simple to use submission entry
  • •  Personalized help portal for service, support and telemedicine