See Clearly

the current physiological state of your patient

Measurements of 327,680 points of temperature provides the highest resolution on the market.

  • •  Detector Array: FPA (VOx).
  • •  Pixel Resolution: 640 x 512.
  • •  Frame Rate: 30Hz.
  • •  Pixel Pitch: 17µm.
  • •  Thermal Sensitivity: <.02°C at 30°C.
  • •  Accuracy: +/- 1°C.
  • •  Spectral Response: 7µm-14µm.75G Shock/4G vibration.

Parameters for

Medical Thermography

Temperature Accuracy: Medical or veterinary applications require an accuracy of +/- 1°C.

Thermal Sensitivity: Patients are presented with a variation of haircoat, feathers, scales, or bare dermis. Equipment with the highest sensitivity is essential to be able to distinguish thermal gradients covered by a thick haircoat. At <.02°C (IR Tablet 640). <.03°C (IR Tablet 320) you are able to pick up the smallest temperature changes needed for veterinary use.

Pixel Array (Resolution): Each pixel represents a temperature reading. The more pixels, the more information collected; the more temperature points that are measured, the more detailed the image. The IR Table 640 (640×512) has 327,680 points of measured temperature. The IR 320 (320×240) has 76,800 points of measured temperature.

IR Flash Pro Vet Software: This is the first and only veterinary specific software available. It was designed to be intuitive for the beginner and yet includes advanced analytics for the expert.

This software allows you to capture an image, review the image, store, email, and automatically place the images into a report; all with a minimum number of steps on the same system. The software also allows remote access for troubleshooting, interpretation assistance, and even support while taking live images.

Software updates will be automatically downloaded to the unit when connected to the internet. When updates are available, you will have them instantly without ever having to ship the unit back to the manufacturer.

New software can easily be upgraded when available.

The IR Flash Pro Vet Software is simply the most accurate, sensitive, and high resolution equipment for Digital Thermal imaging within the veterinary field.

Common Uses and Integration of

Digital Thermal Imaging

in Your Practice

Early detection and identification of anatomical areas needing further examination.

Digital Thermal Imaging provides a complete physiological exam.

  • •  This proven technology provides the only available method to measure changes within the vascular, neurological and musculoskeletal systems.
    •       •  An increase in thermal gradient directly correlates with an increase in vascular supply; e.g. inflammation.
    •       •  A decrease within the thermal gradient pattern correlates with a vasoconstrictive condition; e.g. nerve irritation.
  • •  Care of geriatric patients can be objectively monitored.
  • •  Performance maintenance / Sports Medicine applications.

Visualization of the extent of the anatomical areas needing further evaluation.

  • •  Defines the extent of all involved areas.
  • •  Primary, secondary and tertiary areas of concern are easily identified.

More Common

Uses and Integration

Objectively monitor the progress of any therapeutic plan or protocol.

Monitors the patient response to a pharmaceutical approach:

  • •  Example: Patient has received a NSAID for thirty days.
    •       •  Objectively measure progress.

Objectively monitor and measure any multi-modal treatment approach:

  • •  Example: Laser therapy.
    •       •  Provides a roadmap for the initial application of the therapy.
    •       •  Provides all secondary and tertiary areas where it may also be beneficial to apply.
    •       •  Provides an objective measurement of the progress, or lack of, for each patient.

Objectively measure the progress of any rehabilitation program:

  • •  Allows the patient to tell us when to move to the next stage or level of rehabilitation.
  • •  Allows real time adjustment of the rehabilitation techniques.

Client Education

  • •  Visualization of your physical exam findings allows an easy client understanding.
  • •  Client will understand the urgency of: “Why we need to treat now.”
  • •  Client will be more compliant to further diagnostic procedures allowing you to provide better care for your patients.
Slim, durable and light weight frame makes for easy use in your practice.
Measurements of 327,680 points of temperature provides the highest resolution on the market.
– Detector Array: FPA (VOx). – Pixel Resolution: 640 x 512. – Frame Rate: 30Hz. – Pixel Pitch: 17µm. – Thermal Sensitivity: <.02°C at 30°C. – Accuracy: +/- 1°C. – Spectral Response: 7µm-14µm. – 75G Shock/4G vibration.
Sturdy one-hand gripping strap for easy and convenient usage.
Strong fold out stand
Clips for the optional neck strap tablet accessory.