Digatherm LLC has brought to market a digital thermal imaging system that is cutting edge technology, Revolutionizing Equine Thermography. The medically calibrated sensor and veterinary specific software are unique to the Digatherm systems. From the tablet images may be captured, reviewed, analyzed, and reports can be generated. This system is the only option on the market that does not require timely downloads to a separate computer.

Thermography is nothing new to the equine world, but Digatherm LLC has made it easier and faster to use. Digatherm has a dedicated team of both equine professionals and equine specific veterinarians leading the company into the equine market. This team is there to help veterinarians every step of the way: integration, training, and interpretation come standard with every Digatherm DTI system.

Anatomical imaging, such as x-ray, lacks specificity and fails in the ability to see soft tissue conditions. Physiological imaging, such as digital thermal imaging has the ability to not only see tissue conditions but can also recognize areas that are indicative to anatomical issues.

Since horses cannot speak, it has been difficult for caretakers, trainers, and veterinarians to truly identify hidden or masked conditions. Now with digital thermal imaging, many of these physiological and anatomical issues are exposed at a much earlier stage. Early detection = early prevention.


General Uses

  • • Sore or painful back
  • • Check for a poor or well fitted saddle
  • • Facial pain related to tooth or jaw problems
  • • Joint and musculo-skeletal problems
  • • Soft tissue problems
  • • Asymmetrical use of the body
  • • Muscle tears, strains, & bruises
  • • Underlying issues: secondary, tertiary, & compensatory problems

Horse Hooves

Prevention & Underlying Issues

  • • Poor circulation in foot
  • • Balance of foot, balance in shoes
  • • Hot foot due to infection or bruising
  • • Locating area of abscess or bruising
  • • Optimize soundness monitoring
  • • Earlier detection of negative changes
  • • Locating underlying issues
  • • Reviewing response to training/work
  • • Noticing one sidedness or favoring of leg
  • • Address issues which may lead to chronic problems

Injury Recovery

  • • Observing how injury responds to treatment modality
  • • Observing how horse’s body responds to work

Why use

Digital Thermal Imaging?

Veterinary patients do not seek medical attention themselves. An animal is most often presented to the veterinarian as a result of symptoms observed by an owner or caretaker. The veterinarians’ responsibility is to evaluate, diagnose, and then provide the best possible care for this patient.

Visual cues during this evaluation process lead to further diagnostic testing to finalize a definitive diagnosis.

The Benefits of

Digital Thermal Imaging?

in Veterinary Medicine

  • 1. Thermal gradients are represented as a physiological map of the patient which outline precise anatomical areas in need of further examination.
  • 2. Early detection of many disorders before they become an issue: e.g. osteoarthritis.
  • 3. An objective measurement of the progress of any therapeutic protocol; pharmaceutical or modality based.
  • 4. A visual image aiding in client communication and education.



  • • The only veterinary specific software that optimizes user interface with portable design on a tablet PC.
  • Accuracy of +/- 1°C, providing the highest sensitivity and calibration specifically for veterinary applications.
  • Intuitive analytics that have an easy learning curve yet advanced enough for the expert.
  • • Software updates provided via Wifi.
  • • The highest image resolution available.
  • Excellent Training provided which includes: onsite training upon installation, online training modules, Thermal-Link consultation, and one-on-one training with an expert veterinary consultant.
  • Ongoing studies which provide constant additional applications.
  • • The manufacturer, Infrared Cameras Inc. (ICI), has over 20 years of experience in developing IR systems in the Medical market.
  • • With the Digatherm unit, you will have the only veterinary specific tool on the market. The unit has a large HD viewing screen that makes the image easy to understand and use for client education. You also receive the benefit of an educated staff and the availability of expert interpretation. And a support team readily available to answer any questions that you may have.
  • Digatherm provides you with all of the important tools and support necessary to make this new service a complete success in your practice.

Digatherm strives to make your investment picture perfect!

Your success is our success!



IR Tablet 640

327,680 points of temperature provides the highest resolution on the market.

IR Tablet 320

Designed for a quick visual to locate patient pain.


Constant Access to Training

The goal of this training is to gain the utmost confidence in utilizing the Digatherm system to its fullest potential within your practice.

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Our Goal for you is simple: We want you to LOVE your Digatherm Unit!

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