Our Commitment to

Customer Care

Our Goal for you is simple: We want you to LOVE your Digatherm Unit!

That’s why we will:

  • 1. Be sure you know how to use your Digatherm Unit to its fullest potential. This means your DTI camera is benefiting:The Patient & Pet Owner: Healthier pets, being treated sooner, more accurately, and cost effectively.The Doctor: Helping to locate areas in need of further investigation & acting as an evaluation tool.The Technician: Showing them how and where to treat more efficiently.The Practice Manager: Visual tool for increasing client compliance, thus generating increased revenue
  • 2. Equip you to promote an environment of learning and mutual support in which you, our Digatherm customers actively encourage each other, readily sharing knowledge, experiences, and case studies, with a willingness to grow and improve as a community.
  • 3. Continue to be there for you down the road with both technology and support via Webinars, training videos, and Therma–Link One on One training.


Contact Information

Our Customer Care Representatives are available to speak with you and answer any questions that you may have whether sales or purchasing questions, or device and technical support questions.

We look forward to speaking with you!

Mailing Address:
5100 FL-40 #1000
Ocala, FL 34482

(855) 727-9939

Information request: info@digatherm.com
Demonstration request: demo@digatherm.com
Customer Care: customercare@digatherm.com