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Fire Safety Tips For Pets

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Fire, Fire! Fire disasters can happen and it never hurts to be prepared.  Do you have a plan for your pet in the event of a fire?  Since 2009,  July…

Summer Pet Safety Tips

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Welcome to the ‘Dog Days’ of summer.  Sirius may be beautiful and bright in the night sky, but the sun is blazing hot outside.  While many families enjoy the sultry,…
Animals and people helping each other

Animals and People – Helping Each Other

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While we celebrate the mobilization of health to stop COVID-19 and cheer the human and veterinary medical pioneers who are preserving our future, it is time to pause and thank…

Is your dog or cat trying to tell you something?

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One of the most reported behavioral problems in dogs is aggression. Though less common, this also can occur in cats. This can be a stressful, horrible experience for dog and…

Temperature Screening Takes Thermal Imaging Viral

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Thermal imaging is all over the news, especially regarding using thermal imaging cameras for temperature screening in people.  As businesses, social venues, event and travel spaces reopen, they are beginning…
Coronavirus and veterinarians

Corona Virus – The Veterinary Community on the Front Line

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What is Coronavirus? You may have heard about coronavirus before, especially if you are a veterinarian.  Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that are commonly found in dogs, cats,…

4 Dog Care Tips for Spring

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The warming weather is coming – it’s time to plan for warmer days. You are probably looking forward to opening up the windows, enjoying the fresh air and taking long…
Tips for Spring dog care

With Eyes Towards Spring

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Spring is right around the corner. As the frost clears and the trees start blooming, nature reminds us to look around with a fresh, new perspective! Have you looked at…
bad dog breath

4 Tips for Curing Bad Dog Breath

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Our dogs and cats may be born with pearly whites, but just like us, if teeth are not cared for, they will become diseased. No one wants to loose teeth,…