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Thermal Imaging for Easy Veterinary Diagnosis

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The more information you can get about your patients, the easier a diagnosis will be.  With digital technology, thermal imaging can now be a simple, non-invasive addition to your examinations,…

Signs My Pet is in Pain

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Pets are part of our lives, our families and our mental health.  But have you asked yourself if your pet may be in pain? It is approximated that 20-25% of…

Monitoring PBMT Treatment for Veterinary Geriatric Patients

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Geriatric patients are often presented with old problems that owners associate with generalized aging, but instead, they can be a consequence of specific injuries, joint disease, or compensation. Thermal Images help…

Senior Pet Care for Older Dogs & Cats

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Just like people, our pets live longer today, with better quality lives, than they ever have. They are better fed, better housed, and watched by more knowledgeable owners.  Owners have…
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Thermal Imaging the New Solution for Veterinary Geriatric Patients

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Age is not a disease, but geriatric patients do have old problems. Owners often attribute changes in geriatric pets to generalized aging, when the changes are instead a result of…

Keep Your Pets Safe This 4th Of July

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Barbecues, pools, and fireworks are the perfect ingredients for a perfect 4th of July, but some of these things are also dangerous for our pets. Before you start celebrating, check…

Fracture of the Scapula – Equine

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Patient Appendix, MC, 12-year-old. Hunter/Jumper Presentation Subtle intermittent lameness, decreased performance. Three previous lameness exams were performed which included two radiographic studies and an MRI which resulted in NSF.Physiological Screen…

Juvenile Hip – Dysplasia – Canine

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Digital Infrared Thermography Case of the Month: Juvenile Hip-Dysplasia-Canine This month’s digital thermal imaging case involves imaging of a juvenile canine patient with hip dysplasia. This case was provided by…

A Pathway to Better Patient Care

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