Appendix, MC, 12-year-old. Hunter/Jumper


Subtle intermittent lameness, decreased performance.

Three previous lameness exams were performed which included two radiographic studies and an MRI which resulted in NSF.

Physiological Screen with Digital Thermal Imaging

Twenty-two digital thermal images were captured utilizing a Digatherm IR 640 camera.

Hyperthermic asymmetry was visualized on the right side from the craniodorsal muscles of the scapula descending distally to the proximal cranial aspect of the humerus.

After locating an anatomical area that would benefit from more diagnostic procedures, another radiographic study was performed. This revealed a fracture of the supraglenoid tuberacle of the scapula.

Additional images of the patient allowed visualization of the compensatory strain medially of the RF fetlock, pastern and foot.

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