Personalized Training

Digatherm Thermal-Link One-on-One Training

ONE-ON-ONE Personal training with Dr. Ron Riegel

Dr. Ron Riegel has experience dating back in the 80’s with Thermal Imaging in Veterinary Medicine and was one of the early pioneers. Now armed with new technology he is the Medical Director for Digatherm.

The goal of this training is to gain the utmost confidence in utilizing the Digatherm system to its full potential in your practice.


  • Familiarization with all practical applications
  • Raise the Confidence that staff is able to perform a physiological exam
  • Image Interpretation


Step 1:

Complete onsite training and finish training materials online.

Step 2:

Image two cases to be reviewed with you on an individual basis during step three.

Step 3:

Schedule an online one hour webinar 30–90 days from the time of purchase. During this webinar Dr. Riegel will:

  • Provide fundamental information on the system.

    • An overview of IR thermography.
    • A review of proper imaging techniques.
    • A review of the case(s) you submitted
  • Raise the Confidence that staff is able to perform a physiological exam
  • If needed, remote access to your system to aid you in refining your image capturing technique.


Continuing education includes live group session webinars.


Dr. Ron Riegel

Please contact with any questions concerning our Therma-Link One-on-One Personal Training Program.