About Us

A couple of years ago 2 independent sales reps were talking about new ways to enhance laser treatments. We had seen fabulous results with this marvelous tool in controlling patient’s pain and for the rapid healing of tissue in our own and our client’s observations. If only we had a window to the pain? With this window a patient would benefit from improved discovery and treatments.

We began to talk about how great it would be if people could see inflammation visually and then specifically target the laser treatments we knew were so beneficial. The idea of using Digital Thermal Imaging to be our window took form.

Our mission became to provide a tool to locate the source of adjacent pain/inflammation for improved targeted treatments and to visually show results.

Digatherm evolved from 2 to 3 people (with the addition of a Medical Director experience in Thermography since the 80’s) with an idea to find a thermal imaging camera that really could accurately see what was going on inside the body with the highest degree of sensitivity on the surface of the body. We tried several cameras and companies and could not find the clarity of image and large display that would do the job.

Finally after an exhaustive search, we found a US company named Infrared Cameras Inc. or ICI, who had done some very hi tech digital infrared cameras for places like Johns Hopkins and MD Anderson and even had their cameras on NASA space shuttles. ICI, who have been in business for over 20+ years, was excited about partnering with our young company and vision.

The three of us have a combined 40+ year working history in the Medical/Veterinary industry. Dr. Ron Riegel, a seasoned Veterinarian with a career spanning some 30 plus years, author of numerous books on laser therapy for Medical and Veterinary markets, a user and researcher with Thermography; Joseph Elias, 13 years in capital equipment sales, with a history of innovative thinking, successful sales in both the Medical and Veterinary field; and Patti Robertson, a registered nurse, equine international judge and horsewoman with an in depth understanding of the equine industry joined to start Digatherm LLC.

In summary, Digatherm was started from:

  • The idea to help aid in discovery of patient’s pain and inflammation.
  • Discovery of Digital Thermal Imaging as the right technology to locate pain.
  • Find the quality of product that provides a one step visual of what is going on inside the body.
  • Find the right company to work with whose people are in sync with our own morals and ethics and who have a long history of producing the highest quality US made FDA approved products.

The end of the story has yet to be written as we will strive to provide our clients better technology to help with pain management. It is Time to See Pain in a Different Light.

-­The Digatherm Team